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  1. Microwave Assisted Cobalt-Copper Dual Catalyzed Ligand Free C-Se Cross Coupling, Debasish Kundu*, Anup Roy, Subir Panja and Raj K. Singh, Current Microwave Chemistry, 2000, 7(2), 157-163.
  2. Nickel-Copper Co-Catalyzed Sustainable Synthesis of Diaryl Chalcogenides, Debasish Kundu*, Anup Roy, Abhijit Singha and Subir Panja, Current Green Chemistry, 2021
  3. Synthetic Strategies for aryl/heterocyclic selenides and tellurides under transition-metal-catalyst free conditions, Debasish Kundu*, RSc Advances, 2021,11, 6682-6698!divAbstract