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Seminar and Workshop

Seminars and workshops are an integral element to the holistic development of the college. These events provide a platform for students to learn from experts and professionals, engage in discussions, and develop critical thinking outside the daily classroom activities. They are an excellent way to introduce students to new ideas, concepts, and trends in various fields of study. The college encourages the students to not only gain academic knowledge but also develop various skills necessary for their future careers. Seminars and workshops help to facilitate this process. These events provide an opportunity for students to learn from experts who have practical experience in their respective fields. By attending these events, students gain valuable insights that cannot be obtained from textbooks or classroom lectures. Furthermore, seminars and workshops help students to develop important skills, such as communication, teamwork, and leadership. Through group discussions and activities, students learn how to work effectively, communicate their ideas clearly, and take on leadership roles. These skills are essential for their success in any career.

The college organizes seminars and workshops on a regular basis to provide the students with a wide range of learning opportunities. It invites experts from different industries and fields to share their knowledge and experience with the students. These events cover various topics such as gender sensitization, intellectual property rights, blended mode of education, career and psychological counselling, research methodology, nationalism, environment, health and hygiene and also topics that are discipline specific with an interdisciplinary outlook. In addition to providing students with valuable learning opportunities, seminars and workshops also contribute to the overall development of the college. These events contribute towards creating a vibrant learning environment that fosters innovation, creativity, and intellectual curiosity. They also help to establish the college as a centre of excellence and a hub for intellectual activity.

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  • Environment Webinar flyer
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