Administration – Government General Degree College, Mangalkote



Government General Degree College, Mangalkote, was established in 2015, under the auspices of the Higher Education Department, Government of West Bengal, affiliated to The University of Burdwan, to provide subsidized higher education to the aspirants in the rural countryside. The faculty members of the college belong to the prestigious West Bengal Educational Service. The first batch of students was admitted in the academic session 2015-16. They were admitted in B. A. Honours Programmes in five humanities and social science disciplines, namely, Bengali, English, History, Political Science and Sociology, and in the B. A. General programme. In academic session 2016-17, Science departments were introduced and students were admitted in B. Sc. Honours Programme in Zoology with Botany and Chemistry as general subjects. Over time, the faculty members posted in the college has gradually increased through new appointment and transfer from other government colleges.

The objective of the college is to ensure realization of the visionary goals of the Chief Minister of West Bengal through efficient and empathetic curriculum delivery, steadfast monitoring of learning outcome and mentoring of students. Although the college is barely eight years old, through the concerted effort of all stakeholders – teachers, students, office and non-office personnel, under the leadership of the Principal or Officer-In-Charge, it has made its presence felt in the intellectual landscape of Purba Barddhaman district with higher education aspirants from adjoining villages and towns showing interest to pursue a bachelor’s degree at the college. At this point, the institution is in a nascent phase of development, and hence there is not much to narrate about its history. History is nevertheless being made within the august premises of this college through the will and expertise of the head of the institution, teachers and non-teaching staff and the diligence and inquisitiveness of the students, and most importantly, the inspiration and generous funding from the Government of West Bengal

As a bureaucratic institution, the administration of Government General Degree College, Mangalkote, is based on a hierarchical division of responsibilities, premised on specialized roles and governed by formal rules or standard operating procedures. Essentially an educational institution run by the Government of West Bengal, the college is under the direct control of the Director of Public Instructions, Education Directorate, which in turn, functions under the immediate authority of the Principal Secretary, Higher Education Department.

At the institutional level, the Principal or Officer-In-Charge is the highest authority and functions primarily through the following arms of the administration: Teachers’ Council, Administrative Committees and Special Cells, Office of the Principal, Internal Quality Assurance Cell, Departments and the Library. Governance through these arms ensures decentralization and democratic participation of all stakeholders in the delineation of the goals of the institution and the modes of realizing them, and decision-making in relation to emergent situations.

The Teachers’ Council is concerned with academic affairs – teaching-learning process, academic discipline and infrastructure. The administrative committees and special cells formed by the Principal or Officer-In-Charge from time to time, based on the directives of Higher Education Department, focuses on administrative matters such as planning, development, internal audit, grievance redressal and so on. The overall administration of the college is mediated through the Office of the Principal, which performs important financial functions among many others, and meticulously maintains records of such functions performed. The Internal Quality Assurance Cell is one of the most vital arms of the college. It prioritizes quality assurance in academics and institutional performance, and emphasizes coordination, transparency and accountability in the functioning of the Teachers’ Council, the administrative committees and special cells, and the Office of the Principal, on the one hand, and the specific departments and the library – the main sites and sources of knowledge and learning, on the other hand.

The following organogram or organizational chart represents the hierarchical route of the flow of instructions and information from the higher authorities to the various arms of the college in the process of administration:

The administrative committees are formed by the Principal or Officer-In-Charge, based on the directives of Higher Education Department, Government of West Bengal. Beyond academic affairs, Government General Degree College, Mangalkote, as a bureaucratic institution performs significant administrative functions such as clearly delineating the goals of the institution in relation to changing demands and circumstances, and monitoring the concrete realization of such goals through concerted and coordinated actions of all stakeholders involved. In such administrative process, the college not only aims to promote transparency and accountability through proper documentation and periodical scrutiny of all roles and functions performed, it is also cognizant of issues of justice and fairness, and overall well-being of all stakeholders. The college, as per the directives of higher authorities, has constituted administrative committees and special cells from time to time to ensure that basic requirements and rights of all stakeholders are ensured, accessible redressal mechanisms are available in the face of infringement, and best possible measures are undertaken to channelize available resources to promote the physical, psychological and professional well-being of all stakeholders.

The main administrative committees and special cells are:
1. Planning and Development Committee
2. Income Tax Committee
3. Service Book Committee
4. West Bengal Health Scheme Committee
5. Internal Audit Committee
6. Banglar Ucchasiksha Portal Committee
7. AISHE Committee
8. Anti-Ragging Committee
9. Anti-Ragging Squad
10. RTI Cell
11. Competitive Examination and Communicative English Awareness Cell
12. Statistical Cell
13. Grievance Redressal Cell
14. Internal Complaints Committee
15. Stock Book Verification Committee

The Teachers’ Council is a statutory body formed as per the set of rules outlined by the Appointment Branch, Education Department, Government of West Bengal vide Notification No. 4188-Edn. (A)a. 51-2/70 dated 26th November, 1970, (also known as the J. C. Sengupta Report) relating to the composition and functioning of the Teachers’ Council in government colleges. In compliance with the rules laid down by the J.C. Sengupta Report, the Teachers’ Council of Government General Degree College, Mangalkote, plans, designs and monitors the processes of teaching, learning and evaluation, along with other integral activities such as admission, sports, cultural and extension activities, which are closely connected to the academic life of the college. Through fair and equitable distribution of responsibilities among teachers through a democratic and participatory mechanism of formation of specific committees, the Teachers’ Council aims to achieve high standards in consistency, efficiency and transparency in academic affairs, along with other activities related to physical and mental well-being and progressive growth of the students. The Council meets periodically or as and when need arises to collectively deliberate and decide on issues concerning academic functioning of the college.

At present, Mr. Pinaki Roy, Assistant Professor and Head, Department of Sociology, is the Secretary of the Teachers’ Council. The following are the various committees of the Teachers’ Council:

1. Admission Committee
2. Examination Committee
3. Election Committee
4. Student Affairs Committee
5. Teachers’ Welfare Committee
6. UGC and Seminar Committee
7. Publication Committee
8. Purchase Committee
9. Routine Committee
10. Sports Committee
11. Website Committee
12. Women’s Cell
13. Visakha Cell
14. Cultural Committee
15. Canteen Committee
16. National Service Scheme
17. Educational Tour Committee
18. Tabulation and Mark-Sheet Committee
19. Scholarship Committee
20. Library Committee
21. Career Counseling Cell
22. Remedial Class Committee

The support staff of Government General Degree College, Mangalkote, is the backbone of the institution. Educational institutions do not survive only on the basis of a vibrant culture of teaching, learning and evaluation. Such institutions also perform vital non-academic functions which sustain the core processes of teaching, learning and evaluation, for instance, maintaining liaison with the affiliating University and ensuring timely registration and enrolment of students for examination. The support staff of the college is varied, with specific personnel performing specialized roles, which are beyond teaching and learning, but contributes to the maintenance of the academic health and general well-being of the college in fundamental ways. Apart from a very proactive and approachable Office of the Principal, the college has immensely dedicated and sincere non-office support personnel who man the college in sentinel roles and maintains cleanliness of the campus.

Office of the Principal:

1 Mr. Bidyut Chakraborty Upper Divisional Clerk
2 Mr. Sumit Shankar Lower Divisional Clerk
3 Mr. Ramkrishna Roy Office Peon
4 Mr. Rana Dutta Data Entry Operator
5 Mr. Raja Dutta Data Entry Operator
6 Mr. Aritam Roy Data Entry Operator
7 Mr. Abhishek Samanta Data Entry Operator
Non-Office Support Personnel

1 Mr. Sukesh Kumar Mallik Security Guard
2 Mr. Mukta Keshan Dey Security Guard
3 Mr. Samar Kumar Choudhury Security Guard
4 Mr. Jayanta Kumar Pramanik Security Guard
5 Mr. Hriday Pal Karmabandhu
6 Mr. Dina Das Sweeper