Cultural Activities – Government General Degree College, Mangalkote

Cultural Activities


Government General Degree College Mangalkote, since it’s inception has tried to promote cultural activities in the form of dance, folk music, recitation, drama and events of national and international importance. The Cultural Committe of this college consists of the following members:
● Ms MadhumitaChakraborty (Convener, Department of Political Science)
● Ms TahiraTashneem (Joint Convener, Department of English)
● Mr Hirak Kumar Sinha Mahapatra (Member, Department of History)
● Ms Sanchari De (Member, Department of Sociology)
● Dr Suchismita Das (Member, Department of Sociology)
● Mr Debasish Biswas (Member, Department of Bengali)
● Ms Moumita Mazumder (Member, Department of Sociology)
● Mr Keshab Chandra Saha (Member, Department of Bengali)
During the initial years the cultural programmes were conducted in a more informal manner since the College was still in its nascent stage and it was extremely important to acquaint the students with the cultural heritage of India before the stage was set for more formal activities.


● To develop cultural inclination among the students of a rural area, who might not be aware of their hidden talents.
● To develop awareness about the cultural background and heterogeneity of a multicultural country like India.
● To pay respect and homeage to our national heroes and martyrs.
● Most importantly to help the students overcome their inhibition in performing on stage and to enhance their self – confidence.

Events Organized

1. Independence Day Celebration – Every year this college celebrate this special day through patriotic song, dance, poetry and students get aware about the spirit of Indian independence. Apart from that some departments like History and Political science arranged webinar to make students more aware about the rich history,different aspects of our mother land and struggle of our freedom fighters
2. Fresher’s Welcome – Fresher’s welcome organized by senior students for the newcomers of this college. They celebrate this joyful occasion by various song, dance and poetry.
3. Teachers’ Day Celebration – Every year on the day of 5th September students come together to celebrate the birth anniversary of SarvapalliRadhakrishnan and to pay tribute to teachers by their various performances like song, dance, and poetrye.t.c.
4. Student’s week Celebration – The College celebrate student’s week from 2nd January to 7th January. In this whole week students engage themselves in various cultural and extra – curricular activities like singing Competition, Drawing competition, Recitation, Creative Writing e.t.c.
5. RabindraJayanti Celebration – This College celebrate birth anniversary of the great poet RabindraNath Tagore. Students perform on various Song, dance and poetry written by the great poet.
6. International Mother Language Day Celebration – This College celebrate International Mother Language Day, to make students aware about the history and rich cultural heritage of our mother language. Students participate in this event and celebrate this special occasion by various song, dance and recitation and pay tribute to those heroes who fought to save our mother language.
7. Republic Day Celebration – This College celebrate the spirit of Indian republic day by to pay tribute to the freedom fighters who lost their life for the freedom of our mother land, students celebrate this occasion bydoing flag hoisting and do performance on various nationalist song, dance and poetry.
8. Saraswati Puja Celebration – Every year this college arrange the Saraswati puja. An idol instilled previous day of the puja. Students decorate the mandap and do arrangements for the puja. A feast also organized for the students on that same day. As students actively participate in this programme, it help them to gain sense of responsibility, they learn how to work in a group environment.
9. Ram Mohan Roy’s Birthday Celebration – This college celebrate the great social reformer Raja Ram Mohan Roy’s birth day by organizing webinar. It help the students to get more awareness about our glorious past and the contribution of this great social reformer.
10. International Women’s Day Celebration –This College celebrate international women’s day every year to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women from all around the world by organizing webinars. The college invite speakers from different educational institute to give lectures and make students aware about gender equality and rights of women. Students also celebrate this special occasion through singing, dancing, recitation and poster presentation.