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Principal’s Message

With a long cherished deep desire to give quality education to the students of this economically backward rural area the Government of West Bengal is sincerely trying to build this temple of knowledge, named Government General Degree College at Mangalkote . This tiny seed will certainly grow into a mighty tree with the passage of time and I am sure this promising Institution will very fondly offer numberless education lovers its calm shade throughout years.

Our endeavour is to enrich this dear temple and create wonderful windows of opportunity for all who pass out from here.

We are a dynamic institution that believes in staying ahead of the times. As I walk down the hallways of the College every day, it seems to me that I hear the chatter of eager minds and the shouts of excitement from the victorious students of the future.

We value individualism, creativity and innovation and strive to nurture them in our students. We know our limitation. College cannot produce creativity. Without creativity nation cannot progress. Then what is the main function of school, college and university? We are cordially going to offer an appropriate environment in Government General Degree College at Mangalkote where creativity of the students can flourish and prosper.