English – Government General Degree College, Mangalkote


History of the DepartmentFaculty Profile

English, ever since it entered India during colonial rule, has been one of the most popular disciplines in the academia. English has always been in vogue in the academic world and regarded as one of the most intriguing and intellectually demanding disciplines in humanities.It has always remained dynamic and encouraged major alteration in the discipline itself in the form of changes in literary approaches and theories. Knowledge of English not only sharpens the ability to think and analyze critically but also opens up career options in a wide array of fields ranging from creative writing to law.An English graduate can dream of pursuing a career in editing, publishing, teaching, journalism and advertising.

The Department of English at Government General Degree College at Mangalkote started its journey in 2015. Since its inception, the department has tried to acquaint the students with the various trends in English literature and language. It also attempts to develop their interest in literature and improve their ability to think critically and analytically. Considering the socio-economic background of the students, the department aims to make them proficient in English communication skills and professionally fit for placement programmes. The department offers major courses in Indian and European Classical Literature, British, American and Postcolonial Literature, Literary Criticism and Theory etc. Apart from this, the department teaches Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course and L1 course to the students and enables them to improve their communication skills.The faculty members who have served orserving the department are well-versed in the discipline and have research specialization in various branches of the discipline.The department encourages students to participate in seminars and webinars organized by the college and other reputed institutions. Moreover, the department aims to engage the students further by organizing seminars and sensitization sessions on issues pertinent to the discipline.

The department has a total intake capacity of 25 students per academic session and follows the syllabus prescribed by The University of Burdwan. Presently the faculty strength of the department is one. Nonetheless, the demand for admission and enrolment in the department is ever-increasing. Severalstudents from the previous batches have already attained post-graduate degrees in English from Viswabharati University, The University of Burdwan and Aliah University. Some of them are pursuing their post-graduate degrees and a few more are pursuing a degree in B.Ed. One alumnus of the department has been placed inthe West Bengal Police service.

Apart from academics, students of the department have over the years participated with great enthusiasm in extra-curricular activities such as annual sports and teachers’ day celebration. Recently, students have performed extremely well in various intra-college competitions in the Observation of Students’ Week, 2023.

Mrs Tahira Tashneem

Assistant Professor, W.B.E.S. & HOD

M.A. (B. U.), PhD (Thesis Submitted at B.U.)